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Our Strategy

We've modeled our strategies after how & where the wealthiest Americans invest. Our team of senior advisors & market strategists curate personalized plans with our clients' success metrics in mind.

Secure Your Wealth

A client’s retirement account is never subject to decline due to a drop in the market. It bears zero risk due to market fluctuations, uncertainties, and global economic conditions. The account will lock in its interest annually.

Gain A Reasonable Rate of Return

Some of our investment strategies have outperformed the S&P 500 over the last twenty years. Talk to one of our financial strategists if you are interested in maximum gains.

Avoid Annual Fees

Unlike traditional wealth management firms that sound great until you factor in fee after fee, our strategists set up clients with options that don’t incur any fees. That’s right! Our clients do not pay annual fees.

Why Have Over 6,000 Investors Chosen Our Firm to Invest Their Money?

There are thousands of ways your retirement money can be structured and invested. Traditional firms and local advisors may not have the time to specialize or understand what’s best for each individual investor. Their products are often more general and cookie-cutter, leaving clients with an underperforming account.

Clients often come to us with issues other advisors create, asking for our help.
We're experts and specialize in building successful, conservative investment strategies.
We intimately understand the intricacies and nuances of this approach, so we can curate a customized retirement plan for you.
We work in all 50 states
Most investment managers specialize in certain regions, but we have clients in all 50 states. This larger perspective helps us identify investment paths long before your local advisor may know about them.
We offer stable, steady growth
In the past 20 years, some of our investment strategies have outperformed the S&P 500.

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What Does It Mean To Invest "Like The Wealthy?"

There are three stark differences in how the rich invest their money compared to the rest of the population.

Avoid Mainstream Investment Strategies

The Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management 2010 World Wealth report noted, high-net-worth individuals all around the world had less than 1/3 of their assets in mutual funds and stocks due to the amount of risk that comes with these types of investment vehicles.

Preservation of Wealth is Key

The Wall Street Journal report, highlighting a Prince & Associates study, shows the wealthy do not speculate with the majority of their money in stocks and mutual funds; but rather, they preserve their assets and minimize their risk.

Never Lose Money

In his article, How to Invest Like the Wealthy, Chris Gottschalk notes, “most millionaires focus on avoiding risk more than they focus on making money. Master investor Warren Buffet famously has only two rules of investing: (1) Don’t lose money. (2) Don’t forget Rule number one."

Over $650 Million in Assets Under Management

"A+" rated by the Better Business Bureau
Ty J. Young founder
Ty J. Young
Founder & Owner
Ty J. Young office building in AtlantaTy J. Young offices in Atlanta

Who Is Ty J. Young?

Over the past 20+ years, Ty J. Young Wealth Management has become a nationally recognized expert in preserving retirement futures in times of market volatility. Building relationships with over 5,000 clients nationwide, Ty J. Young Wealth Management empowers clients to improve their financial health, weather market changes, and gain peace of mind for their future.

After years of working in traditional Wall Street firms, Ty saw firsthand how millions of Americans were limiting their potential by only seeking socially-favored investments (stocks & mutual funds). Driven by these observations, he quickly found his purpose & sought to design investment strategies that protect the financial future for each client. From this earnest vision, Ty J. Young Wealth Management was born.
Home office in Atlanta, GA
Clients in all 50 states
Rating with Better Business Bureau
Years of experience in specialized wealth management.

The Financial Health FAST TRACK Podcast

Each episode will weave Ty’s high performance techniques, passion for finance & love of racing into stories of speed, endurance, & minimizing risk -- supporting retirees cross the finish line with all the right investments in place & proper protections working as they should.
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What Do We Offer?

These are the ways that we help you secure your financial future.

Wealth Management

The wealth management strategy you implement now will affect whether you enjoy a 'stressful' or 'stress-free' retirement. You don’t have to be as right if you’re never wrong. In other words, it is much easier to climb your financial mountain if you never have to dig out of a financial hole.

Retirement Protections

We use principal protection strategies in which our clients also have the opportunity to grow their money at a reasonable rate of return. Our clients enjoy products that participate in market gains while eliminating market losses.

Investment Strategies

Studies have shown that more people fear running out of money than they fear death. If you are afraid of running out of money, then why would you expose it to unnecessary risk? We offer our clients safer money solutions that provide protection against losses, as well as guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay taxes if I move my IRA?

No. We can set-up your account as an IRA. As a result, you don’t pay taxes when you move your IRA.

Why put a TJY account in my IRA?

The reason people decide to put a TJY account inside an IRA account is simple… the benefits it affords them. You choose the type of account for your IRA based on the benefits it provides you. You can put numerous types of accounts inside an IRA. When you choose a TJY account, the benefits you receive are tailored towards your IRA: safety of principal and growth. That’s what most people want.

My broker says they can offer me this investment strategy, why should I choose you?

Our firm has been recognized as a nationwide thought-leader in conservative, growth strategies. We specialize in investments plans which eliminate downside market fluctuations.

How do you make money if you don't charge a fee?

We focus on long-term, conservative growth strategies. You’re never charged an annual fee with our firm because of the time commitment inherent in any long-term growth investment.

What are the ways my money can be completely protected against losses?

1. FDIC Insurance
2. Treasury Bonds
3. Guaranteed Insurance Contracts.
Talk with one of our strategists to see if one or more of these tools are right for you.

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